This was my dad's 1971 Peterbilt cabover aptly named Empty Pockets.  He bought the truck as a basket case with a blown motor.  The motor, however, was the real reason that he bought it.  The engine was a powerful and rare Caterpillar 1693.  Over the 10 or so years my dad spent restoring the truck, it went through many extensive changes.  Below is how the truck appeared when he got it.



Obviously, nobody could ever envision this becoming much of anything, except of course my dad.  One major enhancement my dad made was actually lengthen the wheelbase of the truck.  The frame was cut from right behind the cab and a section was welded in.  All body work was smoothed out and the interior was also refurbished.  Anything and everything aluminum was polished.  The most important thing, at least to my dad, was of course the engine.  The engine was completely rebuilt and with great attention to detail, down to the original factory paint and the original factory stickers, which he just had to have.  All work except for the paint was done by my dad.  Here are some after pictures which when compared to the before, are quite remarkable.




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