Here are some pics of my hood mounted fuel pressure gauge.  The gauge is an Autometer with the white face.  I used -4 AN size stainless braided hose and fittings and the bracket is a stainless piece that Jack Cotton from Cotton's Performance hooked me up with. 

Below is a shot of the fittings under the hood.  I wanted to retain the underhood gauge as well as have the hood mount.  The rail gauge is a reliable piece that I got from Kirban Performance that I have had for years and it has worked accurately.  Jack Cotton also hooked me up with the "T" fitting and fitting going from the fuel rail into the "T".  Then I used a 1/8" to  -4 AN elbow for the line to the hood and the rail gauge at the output of the "T".  Keep in mind that the schrader valve has to be removed from the fuel rail.

Here is a look at the fuel pressure gauge from inside and the driver's seat.


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