I have replaced the stock Delco radio with a Pioneer head unit.  It's not a high end unit, but it is a significant upgrade over stock.  I retained all the stock Bose speakers and the Bose amp in the trunk.  Installation was pretty easy with the install kit and wiring harness adapter.  Two things I didn't know at the time I installed it, one was you need an adapter for the FM antenna because the connector is different.  The second thing is you need to splice the pink wire on the OnStar harness to the remote lead of the head unit.  This pink wire is the remote turn on for the Bose amp, you will have no sound without it.  They do sell a kit to retain the use of OnStar and the steering wheel controls.  One side effect I don't like is that my HUD does not work at all anymore.  But the stereo sounds much better, crisper, I guess due to the EQ on the head unit.







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