This is my 1987 Buick Grand National.  I've had the car since 1992 when it was bought as a stolen recovery with about 27,000 miles on it.  It ran great and had some light front end damage but with the low mileage and condition of some of the other GN's I had looked at it was a no-brainer for the money.  The car was then put back together in stock trim and became my daily driver.  I drove the car year round (even in the snow) until it was stolen from me in 1995.  The car was recovered 4 days later with minor body damage such as missing emblems and broken locks. The wheels were stolen and my complete stereo system was ripped out.  After sitting for about 6 months, the rebuilding started. 

The body was bead blasted to bare metal and refinished.  I decided to leave the emblems off because I was going to go for the GNX look with the GTA style rims but I really liked the look of the Welds so that's what I did.  I have a set of stock wheels and emblems for it if I ever want to go back to the stock appearance. 

Presently, the car is now my seasonal toy and is a never ending money pit.  Check out my modifications page for a complete list of what I've done to the engine and suspension so far.  As for the interior, the car has all power options, as well as the power seat and the ASC moonroof.  It does not have the digital dash which I am glad I don't have.  I also have a hood mounted fuel pressure gauge.  Check back for updates as the car is constantly undergoing improvements which will be updated as they come.  In the mean time check out some of the links and other pics below. 

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